Spotless illumination for LED light panels 
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There are several products in the Angel Tape Brand.  

Angel Tape 'Diode' 

Has rows of individual masks to cover LED hotspots. 

Angel Tape 'Edge' 

Diffuses reflected light around the perimeter of light panels where there are no LEDs, creating an even spread of light across the entire panel. 

Angel Tape 'Profile' 

Diffuses the LED hotspots showing on profiles or extrusions, to create a near even spread of light along the entire length. 

Angel Tape 'Matrix'  Diffuses LEDs that are embedded in a grid formation across the surface of the light panel. 

Svelte Light  Super slim light panels with no hot spots  

Section with diode tape -  
- section with edge tape 
Tape in action.... 
The above panel shows the difference Angel Tape can make to unwanted light spotting and reflections on a light panel. The top corner shows how the panel would look without Angel Tape. You can clearly see in this image the benefits Angel Tape can bring to your project. 


Angel Tape is a printed film that is easy to position. This enables the whole panel to be illuminated right to the edge. 
With Angel Tape 
Without Angel Tape 


We were recently contacted by a company needing a solution to their hot spot problem. 
They are using a backlit lit marble effect film as their diffuser. In the pictures (left) it is clear to see that the diodes are still visible, even where a frame has been fitted. 
To enable us to find the best solution to address this they have sent us one of their panels and diffusing layer to work on. This will help us to test and tweak the Angel Tape before returning the panel back with the best tape fitted for feedback. Watch this space for the result! 
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